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Ham is the centerpiece at Easter dinner. Hempler’s offers some of the highest-quality options around and there’s something for everyone. Here’s your complete list of Easter ham options from Hempler’s!

Boneless Whole Hams

Old Fashioned Whole Ham

Honey Cured Ham

Black Forest Ham

Ham Off the Bone

Virginia Ham

Apple Nugget Honey Ham

Uncured Ham

Boneless Half Hams

Black Forest Half Ham

Honey Cured Half Ham

Uncured Half Ham

Old Fashioned Half Ham

Gourmet Bone-In Hams

Semi Boneless Spiral Sliced Whole Ham

Semi Boneless Spiral Sliced Half Ham


Glazed Ham

Fred Meyer Flame Crafted Spiral Ham (Fred Meyer exclusive)


Ham Alternatives

Artisan Chicken Roast

Artisan Sun Dried Tomato Chicken Roast

Artisan Pepper Chicken Roast

Uncured Artisan Chicken Roast

Use our product locator to find your favorite ham in a store near you. Don’t forget to check out our cooking instructions, ham glaze ideas, and ham carving tips. And grab our bacon for wrapping your asparagus bundles or making your other traditional dishes extra special. Happy Easter from our family to yours!