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Easter has come and gone, and you’ve probably had your fill of that crackly-skinned ham at your family holiday event, or passed around a big bone-in ham roast at a friend’s house. Hopefully, that was a Hempler’s ham you were enjoying, but regardless of the origin, we have some ideas of leftovers-fueled recipes that are worth celebrating.


The Best Ham Sandwich

Ham and bread doesn’t have to be boring, or fit for a sad lunchbox or desk lunch. Instead, pick up a crusty, fresh-baked baguette from your favorite bakery and add provolone, fresh, springy greens like miners lettuce or mache, and a tangy dressing instead of boring mayo and mustard. Your tastebuds will thank you and your kids and significant other will too.


Ham and Gruyere Quiche

Ham and cheese is a classic, but ham and Gruyere, well that’s classy. The nutty cheese is rich in flavor and will stand up to smoky or sweet ham in this easy quiche preparation from the Food Network that uses a pre-made pie crust for extra easy repurposing.


Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta

Whomever said Chicken Cordon Bleu had to be a gut bomb was wrong. This Cooking Light recipe specifies deli ham, so using your roasted Easter ham will up the deliciousness ten-fold. Use rotisserie chicken from your favorite store and this recipe will be a total cinch.


Ham Leek and Potato Pot Pie

Sometimes, the Brits just know how to make savory pastries better than we could ever imagine. This dish from BBC Good Food marries your leftover ham with classic potato leek flavors in a buttery puff pastry. Heck, this is so good, it might even become one of your standby weeknight recipes…


Oven-Baked Jambalaya

Feeling ambitious? If you didn’t use up all your kitchen energy on Sunday, head to the store and pick up the many ingredients you’ll need to make this super highly rated dish from AllRecipes, which serves a crowd.


Ham and Egg (and Sausage!) Breakfast Sandwiches

We love making breakfast sandwiches, and Isernio’s recommends using their delicious chicken sausages in this version of the popular day-starter. For a doubly-meaty morning meal, grill a slice or two of ham in your cast iron and add it to your sandwich for an extra yummy breakfast.


Classic Ham and Navy Bean Soup

Most ham and navy bean soup recipes call for a ham hock or other ham bone, including this one from Southern Living. So, cut that bone right out of your roast and toss it in — and don’t forget to add in big chunks of leftover ham for an extra meaty soup that’s hearty and lip-smackingly good. Plus, it’s easily frozen for year-round easy meals that will remind you of what a delightful Easter you had.


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