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Meals on Wheels does fantastic work for seniors in our community. This year has been especially difficult for many, and Meals on Wheels has stepped up their game. In 2020, they have averaged nearly 12,000 meals EACH MONTH to homebound seniors in Whatcom County. Most receive a week’s worth of frozen meals, bread, and milk for each delivery, but some seniors unable to reheat their own meals are visited daily with hot food. Not only does the provide them with a valuable source of nutrition, but it’s also an additional safety net for these vulnerable community members who receive more frequent contact and wellness checks simply by receiving a meal delivery.

Meals on Wheels also has a weekly drive-up meal distribution program where seniors can receive a hot meal and six additional frozen meals. This is a much-needed solution for those who were accustomed to visiting a local senior center for a hot meal pre-pandemic. This service is averaging 7,500 meals each month.

Overall, demand for food assistance through Meals on Wheels has increased a whopping 44% since the beginning of the pandemic, and we’re so thankful Meals on Wheels is able to meet the need. Recently we were able to volunteer with one of their distribution programs. In addition, Hempler’s has financially supported their fundraising efforts and contributed bacon and sausage to their weekly meal boxes.

If you know of a senior who is struggling, please share this amazing resource with them. And if you have the means, consider donating to support the cause. In this unprecedented year where so many are having a hard time, seniors have been hit especially hard. They’re at higher risk for COVID-19 complications, but they’re also at huge risk right now for undetected physical or mental health issues due to isolation. Meals on Wheels is caring for our seniors in a way that many others can’t right now – with both food and compassion.

Thank you to Meals on Wheels for all they’re doing in our community!