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Eating bacon is a way of life, and Hempler’s bacon is a delight that keeps on delighting. But we get it: sometimes you get to the point where you’re leaning over the pan, eating crispy, crunchy, sweet, smoky bacon straight out of the pan and wondering what else is out there. While that’s a pretty deep question, we know that what you really want is more fun things to do with our bacon.


So, without further ado, here are three great recommendations of how to make the most of your Hempler’s bacon in fun recipes you might not have thought of yet.

  1. Chipotle Pork and Bacon Meatballs

Meatballs are always a family favorite, but these get extra zesty and fancy thanks to the one-two punch of bacon and chipotle. Using Isernio’s ground pork, crispy bacon, and just a few other ingredients, blogess Corie Cameron put together this magical recipe with a smoky, spicy sauce that will have other meatballs wishing they were this delish. Serve these as part of a meal with zoodles or noodles, or with toothpicks at your next party. Get the recipe here.


  1. Double Pork Sandwich

Braising a pork shoulder in your Crock Pot is a clutch spring/summer (heck, all year long) choice. Especially if you do it with your favorite BBQ sauce. But once it’s done, then what? The obvious answer is pulled pork sandwiches, perhaps topped with creamy slaw. But for the ultimate kicker, tuck in a couple slices of bacon. You’ll add a crunch that we always miss when things get so tendril-y in this cookout favorite sammy.


  1. Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos and Bell Peppers

Wrapping things in bacon is an age-old tradition we hope never goes away. But if you haven’t done it lately, it’s time to start. Instagrammer Tim Evans wrapped jalapeno and bell peppers in bacon for a party, and we are inspired. For spice lovers, he hollowed out jalapeno peppers, which we recommend filling with flavored cream cheese — mix in chopped chipotle peppers for an extra zing, or try mixing with cheddar cheese for a little stretchy to go with the melty. But the addition of stuffed, wrapped bell peppers is ingenious! Talk about a way to please the whole crowd.


What do you love to do with Hempler’s bacon? Check back soon for more great recipes for you to try using our award-winning bacon.