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Volunteers have been busy putting tags on participating “Purchase a Miracle” items across the region. By simply purchasing items with tags between May 1 – June 15, you’re supporting cancer research through Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Volunteers participate in hanging tags for many different reasons. At Hempler’s, we believe in the initiative and want to help any way we can. Others have personal stories about how their lives have been touched by childhood cancer or Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Volunteer Shane shared, “I got interested because I was a patient at Seattle Children’s and I feel like I have so much to give. They helped me through cancer, and that made a big part of who I am today. Doing this is another way I can give back for how they helped me.”

Krista said,  “When you are in the middle of the fight it is hard to see beyond the moment. But there comes a time when you are on the other side of the battle, and finding ways to help others is healing. We are never in this alone.”

And YOU can help by keeping an eye out for “Purchase a Miracle” tags at your local grocer and buying participating items. Hempler’s participating products include all varieties of our 20 oz. packages of bacon and all varieties of our 16 oz. fully cooked sausages. Let’s work together to fight childhood cancer!