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Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, and it seems there are two distinct approaches to this food-centric holiday:

1) Those who hold staunchly to their family’s traditional recipes

2) Those who view it as an opportunity to try fun or fancy new dishes

As food lovers to the core, we find ourselves with a foot planted solidly in both camps. Our company is rooted in tradition and family; we look forward to the familiar dishes that grace our holiday table each year. But we also aren’t ones to shy away from something new and delicious. This year, join us in looking for creative ways to blend the new with the traditional by trying new twists on the classics.

One idea we’ve loved seeing around the interwebs is Chorizo stuffing. There are two types of chorizo: Spanish and Mexican. Spanish-style chorizo is dried and resembles a pepperoni stick. Mexican chorizo is made with fresh pork and seasoned with smoky and flavorful spices. This type of chorizo is perfectly suited to try in your traditional stuffing recipe in place of crumbled sausage, keeping the familiar texture but adding an extra flavor profile. Here are some chorizo stuffing recipes to try:

Hempler’s makes a fresh Mexican-style chorizo that’s perfect for your holiday dishes. It comes in a fresh one-pound tray and is available in your grocery store’s fresh meat section. Use our product locator to find it in a store near you!