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Our local law enforcement officers have difficult and varied jobs. They do a lot of community outreach and crime prevention to keep our neighborhoods safe, but the sad fact remains that they also work with people and families in crisis. Often children are involved in emergency calls – either directly or as bystanders. And these children are scared and confused.

One way our local Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office provides comfort to these children during difficult interactions is through stuffed animals. They keep them in their vehicles to help offer comfort, peace, and love to our youngest neighbors during times of trauma and crisis.

We learned there was no official program to replenish their stuffed animal supply, so we wanted to help. We were able to donate over 200 stuffed animals to help with their compassionate care of our littlest community members.

We’re grateful for all that the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office does in our community and were honored to be able to support them this way. Keep up the great work!