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There is a crisis in our community and it’s only grown bigger with the COVID-19 pandemic. Families are struggling to maintain their housing after losing their jobs.

Layoffs. Closures. Parents unable to go to work because their children are remote schooling and full-time childcare is unaffordable. The wreckage of this health crisis reaches far and wide, but for many it’s hitting too close to home. Because families on the brink are losing theirs.

Mary’s Place is on the front lines of this battle, but resources are stretched thin. Shelters are full. Emergency hotel funds are exhausted. But the need persists, which means one thing: more families are sleeping outside.

Mary’s Place is working to meet the growing need with their “No Child Sleeps Outside” campaign. With 2 million dollars they will create a Rapid Response Fund to help families move quickly back into housing or keep their hard-won homes, opening more shelter space for families in need this winter. Over 650 will be served!

Hempler’s is supporting this initiative, and we hope you’ll join us. We’ve partnered with Mary’s Place in the past and we’ve borne witness to their wonderful, compassionate, and innovative work. We can’t think of anyone better suited to help keep kids safe, warm, and HOME this winter. Give to their campaign here – ANY amount makes a difference – or sign up for their virtual scavenger hunt scheduled for the weekend of December 12th, and learn more about the great work done at Mary’s Place.

Because no child should EVER have to sleep outside. Visit NOCHILDSLEEPSOUTSIDE.ORG to learn more.