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Father’s Day is coming up soon and it’s time to treat Dad right. What better way to show that you love and appreciate him than to cook a hearty and satisfying summer meal?

Here are five manly meal options to choose from for a memorable Father’s Day dinner. The secret ingredient isn’t “love,” but instead it’s “bacon.”

Because they’re basically the same thing, right?

Five Recipes for Father’s Day

BBQ Bourbon Burger with Bacon: A burger, bbq sauce, bourbon, and bacon. I mean…what else is there in life, really? This recipe is perfect for your Father’s Day barbecue!

Bacon Wrapped Ribs: What dad doesn’t love ribs? These are cut to make them extra meaty, and then wrapped in bacon for that extra flavor.

Crockpot Bourbon Bacon Pulled Pork: This dinner is easy to pull off since it’s made in the slow cooker, letting you spend more time with the dad in your life instead of the kitchen. Serve it on a bun and top with coleslaw for a fantastic summer meal. This one is perfect for a big crowd!

Jalapeno Popper Hot Dogs: Hot dogs might not sound impressive but when you make them like this, they take on a whole new appeal. Perfect for the spice-loving man in your life, you can make them next-level by using Hempler’s Smoked Sausage or Bratwurst, and wrapping them in bacon instead of just sprinkling it on top.

BBQ Chicken Kabobs with Bacon and Pineapple: Can’t treat Dad to a tropical vacation? Here’s the next best thing. These chicken kabobs are a bit of lighter fare but he won’t even notice thanks to all the flavor they pack.

We love Father’s Day. We love celebrating all things family and love that Hempler’s can be part of your celebration.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. Thank you for all you do!

How will you be celebrating Father’s Day?