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We’ve been so focused on Mariners baseball season, we nearly forgot that Easter is on Sunday, April 16! Just kidding, it’s only one of our favorite days of the year at Hempler’s, thanks to our endless love of the old-fashioned goodness of a moist, spiral-cut ham. And what’s better than a delicious, heat-and-serve dinner centerpiece? How about one that you glaze with Dick Hempler’s favorite — and super easy — recipes for Apricot or Cranberry Glaze!

How to Bake an Easter Ham

To start, bake your ham to crispy perfection. If you’ve never done that before, worry not. All you have to do is score the fatty side of the ham in a diamond pattern about 1/4 inch deep. We like to add cloves into the corners of the diamonds to add a little extra homemade flavor.

Then, place your ham on a rack in a shallow roasting pan with the diamond side up. Add a little water to the bottom for a steamy glow, and cover the pan. Bake both boneless and bone-in hams at 325 degrees until the internal temperature reaches 140 degrees.

Then, you’ll take off the cover and glaze it with one of our favorite recipes before returning it to the oven until it hits 160.

So, about that glaze…

Dick Hempler’s Favorite Apricot Glaze

What’s a glaze have to do with ham? Well, while you might think of glaze as something for a donut, the glossy, sweet coating is a fancy (but totally simple) way to enhance the natural sweetness of the Hempler’s ham, with just a few steps and a little painting.

Mr. Hempler loves this apricot glaze that he makes with just three ingredients: 1 small (4 to 6 ounce) jar of apricot jam, a 1/2 cup of brown sugar, and 3 teaspoons of mustard. Mix them all together and paint on the ham once you pop it out of the oven.

If you like something a little more on the tart side, we’ve got you covered:

Festive Cranberry Ham Glaze

Great any time of year, this glaze is especially good on a ham when you’re serving other savory sides, like a rich pea salad, potatoes au gratin, or bacon-dotted mac ‘n cheese. All you need is a whole can of cranberry sauce, a dash of ground cloves, and a teaspoon of mustard. Combine them in a bowl and spread over the ham during its last stretch in the oven.

For more on Easter, check back all week for suggestions for Easter sides and our favorite bloggers’ favorite recipes.