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Easter dinner is shaping up to look very different this year compared to years past. With social distancing mandates in effect and an “all hands on deck” emphasis to stop the spread of COVID-19, Easter will consist of intimate home dinners and celebrations instead of large family or community gatherings.

That’s not to say you can’t celebrate with others – because even though we’re all home-bound right now, connection is easier than ever thanks to technology. Here are some ideas:

  • Have each family place a device at their table and log in to a Zoom conference, FaceTime, or Messenger app to eat dinner (separately) as a big group.
  • Host a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt. Have someone hide Easter eggs in their yard and take a panoramic photo. Send it to everyone in the family, and see how many they can find by zooming in and panning around. The family that finds the most gets a prize!
  • Do you normally go to church on Easter? Churches all over are streaming services right now. Dress up in your Easter best just like if you were going to church (ditch those pajama pants!) and watch a service live to feel connected to other worshippers.

Though Easter might look different this year, you can still enjoy your favorite dishes. Use your extra time at home to video chat with your mom and learn her traditional recipes, or perfect your classic pie crust. Poll your immediate family members on the dishes they love most, and don’t forget to pick up a Hempler’s ham for your main dish. Our boneless half hams are an ideal size for a smaller family gathering and come in Black Forest, Honey Cured, and Uncured varieties. Make them your own with a flavorful glaze – here are 15 ideas to choose from!

How will you be celebrating this year?