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Welcome to the Ham Hotline. You’re either thinking about it or you’ve got your hands on a Hempler’s Ham…. now what? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions & answers below. 

1. How do I reheat my ham?
Our premium hams are all fully cooked, so all you need to do is simply reheat them in your oven and serve.

  • Heat oven to 325° F
  • Remove all packaging materials. For bone-in hams, this includes the clear “button” over the bone.
  • Place ham in a shallow roasting pan.
  • Add a small amount of moisture such as pineapple or orange juice to the pan.
  • Tent or cover ham with aluminum foil.
  • Bake for approximately 15-18 minutes per pound until heated through. Please note – ovens vary and individual hams vary in size, so your actual reheating time may vary. Optimum ham temperature should be 135 to 145°F. Do not overheat. 
  • Remove ham from oven. Let stand, covered, for 5-10 minutes before serving.

For more details, you can also visit our “How to cook” page for all our products or watch this video on how to prepare your ham. 

2. When do I add glaze to my ham?
Want to add a glaze to your ham? Great idea! Have your favorite glaze on hand and drizzle the desired amount on top and sides of the ham 20 to 30 minutes before you remove the ham from the oven.
Looking for some inspiration? Check out our Maple Glazed Ham recipe. 

3. Where can I find your hams?
You can find our hams at various stores including: Central Markets, Metropolitan Markets, Haggen, Safeway, Thriftway, and Fred Meyer Stores. Please use the product locator on our website to find a store near you.

4. Can I eat the caramel coating on the Black Forest Ham?
Yes. The dark coloring outside our Black Forest Ham is an edible casing. Our hams are uniquely crafted in the Hempler tradition, using our time-honored family recipe and classic Black Forest seasoning. Slowly cured in their natural juices and smoked over natural hardwoods for a rich aroma and moist, savory flavor. This entire boneless ham is edible. Enjoy! 

5. Can I freeze my ham?
Yes. Our recommendation is to cool the ham completely. Wrap the ham tightly in saran wrap and foil. Place in a freeze-friendly ziplock or container. Freeze ham for no longer than three months.  

6. How long can you leave ham in the fridge once opened?
After opening the package, enjoy our hams within 4 to 5 days of refrigeration.