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We make a variety of protein snacks, and our Landjaeger seems to always get lumped in with our pepperoni. Between the similar packaging and its ability to keep without refrigeration, many people tend to assume they’re one and the same.

However, Landjaeger is its own unique product. It is a type of sausage, traditionally made with pork, beef and spices, whose name is derived from a German expression “lang tige” which means “smoked for a long time and air-cured for a long time.”  The German word “Jäger” means “hunter,” which is linked to its tradition as a food consumed by hunters because it could be easily carried and eaten on long trips. It also has a history as a soldier’s food because it doesn’t need refrigeration and comes in single-serving portions.

At Hempler’s, we pride ourselves on authenticity. As such, we’ve launched a new version of our Uncured Landjaeger that is more reflective of the traditional German sausage snack. This new version is thicker and juicier, made with a natural hog casing, and no longer resembles our pepperoni sticks. But we did keep all the things you love about it – our Landjaeger is still smoked slowly over real hardwood and cured naturally with no added nitrates or nitrites for a rich, smoky flavor that will satisfy that savory craving. And it’s still completely FREE of phosphates, artificial color, chemical preservatives, allergens, gluten, soy, and MSG.

Don’t worry if you love the original – we’re still making it! This new Landjaeger variety is just a new addition to the Hempler’s family of high-quality protein snacks. So grab one of these new Uncured Landjaeger, or one of our original smaller Uncured Landjaeger snack sticks, for your next outdoor adventure or mid-afternoon snack. We think you’ll love it!

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