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At Hempler’s we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we bring you, and the history and heritage behind them. Our pepperoni is no different – and crafting it is truly an art. Today we’re taking you behind the scenes to explain the essential elements that make up the European-style pepperoni you love, and how they set us apart from the competition.

Pepperoni during the drying process.

Recipe: Our pepperoni starts with a time-tested recipe, which includes starting with the highest-quality lean meats that are put through a process of cooking, mixing, and drying that results in the flavor and texture you’ve come to expect.

Quality: We have always remained committed to quality and have never tried to change our recipe to reduce costs. While the costs of ingredients may fluctuate based on availability, we have never been tempted to change our processes or ingredients. We believe in quality and consistency and want to stay true to our time-honored recipe.

Time: We believe there are no shortcuts to making classic pepperoni – so we don’t take any. The whole process takes 4-5 days, the bulk of which is dry time. During the 3-4 days during which the pepperoni is drying, expert technicians regulate the air temperature and speed to result in a product that meets the Hempler Family standards.

Frequently, pepperoni you see in the store has been made using a chemical process that changes the cellular structure of the meat, resulting in a mushier texture with no need for any dry time like traditional pepperoni. At Hempler’s, we’ll stick to our classic processes and recipes because that’s what you deserve. We like to stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons and will continue to bring you the highest-quality pepperoni we can…just like we always have.

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