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Kestin's Corner - We're more than a brand, we're a family.

Hempler’s has deep roots here in the PNW, so we feel a kinship when we come across other local food brands. And we absolutely love it when we stumble across brands that complement our own product line. So when we were given the chance to sample Bear’s Breath Ketchup out of Seattle, we couldn’t say no.

Bear’s Breath Ketchup is a new kind of ketchup. Rather than the traditional sweet flavor profile it’s savory and bold, with a bit of a kick. It’s made of natural ingredients with no artificial preservatives, and the ingredient list boasts low sugar and low sodium so it’s a great option for multiple diets and lifestyles.

But is it good? We sure thought so!

Though it would go great with any number of our products, we thought it was a GREAT complement to Chorizo burgers. Simply form Hempler’s chorizo into patties, grill ’em up, and add your favorite toppings. The spicy-savory Bear’s Breath was great with the heat of the chorizo.

If you’re ready to get cooking, use our product locator to find our Hempler’s chorizo in a store near you, and pick up Bear’s Breath Ketchup at a local retailer. If you’re not local, they even ship and are giving Hempler’s customers an exclusive discount if you use the code EATHEMPLERS at checkout. Give ’em a try, and see what you think of our new PNW food friends!