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It’s a new season for the Seattle Seahawks, and the deli departments at Safeway and Albertsons are ready with some brand-new offerings featuring some of Hempler’s most flavorful sausages.

First up is the Seahawk Dog made with Hempler’s Andouille Jalapeno & Cheddar Link. It includes jalapenos & cream cheese (of course), and both caramelized & raw red onions. Reviewers raved and said, “It’s so good!” and “It’s spicy & the crunch of the bun is perfect!”

Next up is the Seahawks Dog made with the Double Smoked Cheddar Link. The toppings are the same but the Double Smoked Sausage gives it a different flavor profile. One sampler said, “It’s so good! I like the caramelized onions. It’s a sweet kick along with the smokey flavor!” Another said, “I can taste the smoke. It’s delicious.” Another reviewer marveled, “It has the right amount of spice with the crunch of the red onion and the coolness of the cream cheese.”

The third Seahawk Dog is made with Hempler’s Hot Link. Taste-testers said “It has just the right amount of spice” and “I like it! The red onions give it a kick and the toasted bread goes a long way. It has a nice crunch!”

Safeway and Albertsons also have a new Seahawk Sandwich made with Roast Beef & Blue Cheese. It’s offered hot or cold.

So the next time you need some game-day grub (or on a random Tuesday when you need to grab a satisfying lunch), swing by the Safeway or Albertson’s Deli and try one of their new Seahawk-themed menu options. They’re all winners!