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It’s not Christmas, but it feels like it to us here at Hempler’s. International Bacon Day is just around the corner on September 3rd, and we’ve rounded up some fun ways to celebrate the day. Because what’s life if you’re not having a little bit of fun?

Incorporate bacon into every meal and snack. I mean…this might not be much different than your regular everyday meal plan, but you can still call it an International Bacon Day celebration. Don’t forget to incorporate bacon into your dessert!

Do a blind bacon taste test. Grab every variety of Hempler’s bacon you can find and do a blind taste test. Do you prefer cured or uncured? Original or Black Forest? You might be surprised with your result!

Replicate our Ultimate Bacon-Cooking Experiment. Do side-by-side tests to figure out which method is best for you! Check out our methodology here!

Do a beer-and-bacon flight. Research which beers pair best with certain varieties of bacon, and make a custom sampler.

Host a bacon-themed potluck. Invite your friends over for a bacon extravaganza! The only rule is that every dish they bring must contain bacon.

What are you waiting for? Browse all of our bacon varieties today, and find them in a store near you.