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Last year we launched a brand-new product to our Hempler’s line-up – seasoned chicken breast skewers! In case you haven’t had the chance to try them out yourself, we thought we’d take the opportunity to introduce you to this fantastic dinnertime solution.

Our chicken breast skewers are small batch crafted in line with Hempler’s tradition, and are made from 100% lean chicken breast and premium seasonings. The same care and commitment to quality that was taken to develop our other products was taken to develop our new chicken skewers, and we think you’ll be able to taste the difference.

Our chicken breast skewers come pre-seasoned in easy-open packaging for ultimate convenience. Just a few minutes on the grill and they’re ready to go – whether alongside some skewered veggies, on top of a salad, or mixed in to your favorite recipe. However you choose to use them, your days of dry, flavorless chicken are over.

Our chicken breast skewers are best cooked defrosted (not from frozen), and can be prepared on the grill, stovetop, or in the oven. Ready to get cooking? Currently they are available in Safeway and Haggen. Find them in a store near you!